Sunday, September 21

Jump when you're not ready.

What's up guys. It's been forever.

I've been trying to write ever since I last wrote (6 years, fyi) and it's always been my passion to express my thoughts. I'm a deluded perfectionist when it comes to my work and the beauty of blogging.. is that it doesn't get filtered. You don't have an editor for it. And that's why some blogs are unique, I suppose. I've grown up enough (I hope) to conjure thoughts on my own and I'm back bitches. I love cuppycke too much to change my url. Gotta respect 14yo me, she still lives inside my soul somewhere albeit cuppycke is a tad bit immature (oops, sorry kiddo).

Well, hope you guys are still listening?

Here's a picture of me with a knee bruise from kickboxing + dirty mirror.

Sunday, November 18

I will not be afraid anymore.

Wednesday, March 21

Follow your heart.

Friday, February 10

Afterwards likes flowers.

I am a flower.
No flower lives forever.

Sunday, January 1

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
— eecummings.